New Release from Machorie

Fantasy Skin called – Sylas Skin One of Two new skins available from the main store both have the same great  attention to detail that you expect from Machoire,  with a fusion of colours  brought together to create a skin like no other,  so no matter what your needs are for this skin you know its been made  with care.

Also new hair available from Mainstore called Syei  the hair has so many different shapes that you will need to take a second look just to see them, from the front bangs all the way back past what looks like lips and horns but the interpretation on the shapes are yours to consider  it comes in different sets of colours from blacks to blondes and each with Its own customization HUD to change the hair textures.
The HUD has a KILL SCRIPT option,

ANd finally for this blog is the neckless available from On9 called Ylwe a unisex neckless beautifully created  with style in mind the neckless has a customization hud for resizing and changing the metal colour from silvers to golds to coppers, well worth heading over to take a look

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal

Machorie Main Store LM

On9 LM


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