The warrior princess surveying her new conquered land dressed in the finest outfits exclusively from A Piece of Chic  for the Instruments

The dress is called Amriel  crafted from the finest black leather  cut high on the left hip and then finely stitched to it is a netted skirt that flows from the hip down the dress itself has a sleeveless halter  neck with a sliver buckled belt what more could you need from such an outfit, * oh yes* armour, but then this outfit comes with studded shoulder Accessory in black leather and silver studs held together with a front and back strap across the neck, 

Also from A Piece of Chic are the black leather and chain strapped slink high shoes Called  Jaelle Sandals each strap has a silver buckle fastening that runs up to your shins, perfect for the  fashion warrior going into battle,

exclusively for the may round of  The Instruments  from the May 1th and closed May 28th at 5am SLT

be sure to take a look

Thanks For Looking

Style Eternal

The Instruments LM

A Piece of Chic Main Store Lm


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