-AZUL- Abigail


New from -AZUL-  for the Black Fair.

sleek, and black Abigail is both but with added sass,  the black satin dress has spaghetti style straps  from the halter front to the low-cut back,

The dress shows off your every curve perfectly while keeping you looking chic from top to toe at the bottom for the skirt there’s a flexi skirt which flows around you making walking and dancing look effortless and graceful,

the dress also come with a gold ornate belt  three strands of gold chain hugs the hips to the centre claps  decorated with onyx stones both back and front, for added detail the front clasp also has hanging gold chains just adding a little more gold and style

available at the Black Fair, well worth popping over to have a look

thanks for looking

Style Eternal

Azul at the Black Fair LM

  -AZUL-    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heatherlands/187/177/22


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