New release from Morea Style

Im Proud to present Jiliane as my first official blog for Morea Styles its such an honour to be able to now say I’m a blogger for Morea I have admired her work and designs for a very long time and  directed a show a long time ago for her, and I can remember the theme and how the runway looked, it was based in a small idyllic french village with a fishing dock when a huge Yacht docked,

All the passengers with all dressed in the beautiful designs from Morea and used the small village as the runway, bringing high fashion to everyone, which is what i feel Morea’s Designs do, brings high fashion to everyone,

and Jiliane is no exception the finely detailed lace dress which has a very low cut  sensual front which has a corseted  tie waist held together with a dainty bow the lace skirt is graduated from the right hip also in a delicate lace mirrors the lace collar and sleeves, the bodice has more lace frills on either side of the coreted ties

The dress also comes with a necklace and pearlized earrings  to match the colour of the dress Jiliane is available in 5 colours from Rose , Black, White, Azelnut, Turquoise and comes with an applicator hud for most mesh bodys

available in store

Thanks for looking

Style Eternal

Morea Styles Main Store


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