That day a phantom sound started to ring in my head: a whistle with some cicadas that only I heard, or perhaps someone else could too. Like most people, I avoided silence so as not to hear my inner self. Because silence is only the beginning.

Whats better than new hair, old hair in new colours, the new colour fades pack of Oirse from Machoire the hair is hud controlled with nine colour fade options, grading from white, to greens,purples, and blues the hud also includes a resizer.

The hair is a fusion of curls and spikes, mixed into the sculptured shapes. Starting from the front the front there’s a distinctive fringe which then carries up into a french renaissance hair look behind that there are curls and large waves leading down to the ponytail with its baubles reaching down the back.

I’ve seen the future of Machoire designs and I cant wait to get my hands on them and all made with the same attention to detail which will make you sit a look and every time you see something different and fascinating

Keep a look out for Machoire and his amazing designs

Thanks for looking

Style Eternal

Machorie main store lm



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