Off For The Weekend


Exclusive for Fashion for Change from Wiccas Wardrobe

Whats better than going away for the weekend when the sun is shining and  A gentle breeze rolling in from the lake, making the leaves fidget in the trees.

all packed up ready for an adventure what will the weekend bring, no matter what you get up to make sure your dressed to impress, with this wonderful jacket from Wiccas Wardrobe, called  Aelinia  the fitted shaped jacket has frilled edges and cuffs adding tot he shape and style, with a bottle green high collared undershirt, the jacket itself is decorated in a pink and green pattern in circles and swirls, with a darker edged.

I have added*COCO*_ThighHighBoots exclusive for the Fashion for Change event. the leather boots comes in seven colours and add that special something to any outfit,

Fashion for Change starts today, take time to head over there are many events and shows planned for the week with all the proceeds going to the charity.

Thanks for Looking

Style Eternal

LM for FFC


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