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New from Morea Style,

Sheley in Aqua and Candy wedges for High Slink feet

I have been a huge admirer of Morea Style, for many years, and was totally surprised when she Im’d me asking me to blog her outfits for the Fashion for Life event which I accepted in an instant,  and was really pleased to have been asked, by one of Sl, original Designers and such a lovely lady, I had worked with Morea before but never actually spoke directly with her and as I replied back to her I felt myself shaking with excitement , Then after the event finished I then received a note card inviting me to blog for her I was over the moon,

So this is my first Official Post as an Official blogger for Morea style the outfit is called Sheley in a soft aqua

The  top material is designed with tiny blue forget me nots the top itself is cropped with a low front which is then fastened together at the front with three little buttons it also has a wrap around tie that is tied together with a small bow, around the neck the soft material is gathered together to make a frill collar with is continued to the sleeves and waist, gently fluttering in the breeze and you move around.

 Also included in the outfit are denim jean shorts that also have the forget me not design on them, the pockets of the shorts hang out at the bottom, but even they have to same details on them and a slim tie belt finishes the shorts. also included in the outfit is an application kit for  most mesh body’s

the outfit also comes with a matching headband, and a aqua blue necklace and earring set.

I am also wearing shoes from Morea style, called Candy theses shoes  are for slink high feet,(available from slink store) and comes in 8 different colours and designs, the wedge style shoes are a wrap style with a bow  and have a cork wedge and a very unique heel and a rubber sole

all available from the main store

thanks for looking

Style Eternal

Morea Styles main Store LM

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