New from Lyrical Bizarre for the Melodious Spring collection now in store

Simply stylish with no fuss or bother, Lois ticks all the boxes, figure hugging to show all your curves in a dark royal blue cotton material, that is light to wear and move following your every movement without the embarrassment of wardrobe malfunctions  the sleeveless over the knee shift dress has a delicate floral design  on the one side that covers the side

On the other side there is a diagonal pattern, in large oversized stitching that flows from the bottom of the skirt to your hip on one side and again from your hip to the other side across you chest, each stitch is in a slightly lighter blue than the dress but also has a slight sparkle to them, twinkling as you move around as to draw attention  not that you will need it as Lois is pretty as a picture and a must have to the coming season

available at the main store

Lyrical Bizarre main store LM

thanks for looking

Style Eternal


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