Wicca’s Wardrobe FFL – Nuella Jumpsuit [BEIGE]


New from Wiccas Wardrobe for Fashion for Life Nuella Jumpsuit

Want to be stylish but want to stay comfortable, and able to move without feeling that you need to cover up, well then this is the perfect outfit for you

made from rich cotton this jumpsuit from Wiccas Wardrobe is two toned and light to wear.

this jumpsuit is in a beige with darker beige reverse collar that drapes around the neck and then down the back to a light beige sleeveless top with a sewn in tribal celtic pattern leading down to the waistline where the darker beige presents itself once more defining the waist and hip  giving shape and focus to the outfits, the  pants are a mirror of the top with its celtic design running down the length of the leg to the slightly flared bottoms,

cotton is the perfect material for  this jumpsuit as its breathable and light but also keeps you warm when needed, but also giving you the flexibility to move without constraints, but then staying  styled and sensual

so get yourself over to  the Fashion for Life event and support this great cause

thanks for looking

LM FOR FFL STOREhttp://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/FFL%20Los%20Angeles/152/71/103

Style Eternal

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