The Last of the three exclusive designs from MOREA STYLES

Beautiful  Florencia in a rich Purple satins and silks, flow and glide around you with every step, the bodice is a one shouldered design that has a gathered stain material  ruffle which is mirrored by purple and pink ruffled flowers on the right side and a shiny satin band just under the bust,   the texture on the dress is beautify crafted  gathered and rushed in just the right places bringing you down to the full luxurious soft silk skirt is edged with pretty lace details  the skirt has a side split  just enough to show your leg but still wrapped in purple silks.  elegant and stunning

the dress also comes with its own accessories  including a pretty purple and pink flowered head-piece which is matched by the pink a purple gemmed earrings and a delicate purple necklace, it also has a silver cuff coloured to match the dress.

an exclusive design for the Fashion For Life event

so run over and get yours before its gone#

thanks for looking

Style Eternal


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