The second of three exclusive designs  from Morea Styles for the Fashion for Life event

Taking a break from the studio and going for a stroll for fresh inspiration taking in all the sights and sounds  that nature can bring, but an artist never truly leaves anything behind, there’s always a pencil or brush hidden somewhere just in case of emergency

Mils is perfect for the artist on the move, the soft lavender flowers and neutral colours of the short-sleeved jacket are matched with a scarf that drapes gentle around the neck, the baby doll shape lends itself to a flowing jacket skirt softly blowing in the breeze, under the jacket is a satin figure hugging lavender wrap vest also included are shorts  in a blue denim also covered in paint from all the painting that’s been done  but who wants to dress up all the time especially an artist on the go  just throw on a jacket and away you go, with this outfit you can do just that no fuss no bother just staying styled and chic

the outfit also comes with lavender coloured gold hoop earrings,just a little something to show your individuality

so run on over to the Fashion for Life event  from March 21-29

hope to see you there

thanks for looking




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