One of three exclusive designs for the Fashion For Life even from Morea Styles.

Lacey is a good choice for anyone who wants to stay stylish but yet stay cool, the turtleneck long sleeved  knitted crop top in a red chunky knit is not only fashionable but also practical if your like me I feel the cold more than most, but then sometimes I don’t want to wear a full jumper coz I get to warm so this top is perfect for me it keeps my arms warm while also keeping me cool and if that s not enough it also comes with a  knitted scarf in black with red and white flowers knotted in a simple slip knot,

The double layered mini skirt in a black satin material has the same small red and white delicate flowers printed on it to match with the scarf  the shortness of the skirt emphasises your legs  no matter how long or short they are, so al together this outfit is a must for the smart and casual look

I am also wearing shoes from Eclectica ‘Venezia’ Stiletto Shoes also an exclusive for the Fashion For Life event, The ‘Venezia’ range is a theatrically themed set of headpieces, collars and shoes, inspired by the textures and colours of Venice. They are muted, aged, and richly textured. They are perfect for the stage, or perhaps the opera, a burlesque review, or to inspire a haute couture outfit. and are available in three colors for the event, Black, Gold,Blue,  There are two variations per colour. Each shoe has a smooth version, and a wrinkled, bit more aged, version.

the pose is from Katink for the Fashion For Life event two exclusive pose sets being offered (at the moment) that will be offered at FFL 2015 with 100% of the proceeds to go to RFL.   I’m using Madison Ave 3

all available at the Fashion for Life event from March 21-29

hope to see you there

thanks for looking




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