M&M ~ Nefer Gown FFL


Exclusive gown made for Fashion for Life event from M&M Fashions

Spring must be around the corner according to Nefer, Nefer brings you a blast of colours in this full length gown from M&M Fashions, the beautiful pastel pinks, oranges and reds fussed together to give this gown a sence of spring and freshness to the end of a cold and dreary winter, the back of the dress is low-cut showing more of your back but held together at the top by a cute bow just behind the neck, the long style of this dress makes the hem of the skirt drape behind you slightly as you walk

All together this dress enhances your curves and brings an air of elegance to any event

The pose is from [[J’adore]] also specially made for the Fashion For Life event 3 sets of poses with 10 poses in each pack perfect for photos or runway with their smooth action,

all available at the Fashion for Life event from March 21-29

hope to see you there

thanks for looking




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