The Fool


 New From Lyrical Bizarre The Fool,

When I saw this outfit I knew I needed to do something a little different with it,   The setting of this card is under a bright sun and a golden sky. Front and center is a garishly dressed young traveler, complete with his (or her) possessions wrapped in a small sack tied to a stick.

Bringing the essence of the fool to life in this outfit the care free childlike outfit with its main feature the over sized shoulders in a black and white check edged with gold the underside of the shoulders is covered in a lush red fabric that flows into a high collar and then down the bodice to gold-edged spikes,

The skirt is made from the same black and white checkered fabric which has tiny flower cut outs along the hem bringing a little fun and frolic to the outfit,  The outfit is completed by a hat made from the lush red fabric, with a small gold chain design which is sprouting red flowers  the outfit also has the traveling stick and bag to take your worldly possessions with you wherever you journey may take you

“Create your own Tarot” is a series of Second-life events exploring one theme of the Major Arcana cards in each month featuring items from 22 creators for two weeks.

The Fool is the card of wild abandon and new beginnings. In the life cycle of the Tarot, the Fool is the start of the story. He represents our childlike selves, or the beginning of a cycle. The Fool often shows up in a reading as a reminder that we are taking life too seriously.

 He tells us to break the routine, to try something new even if an experience ends up not turning out exactly the way that we thought it would. Bringing in new adventures and experiences builds character,  Embrace spontaneity to find truth. Shake things up. Express yourself. Do not be callous or cruel, but make changes and give in to laughter. The possibilities are endless, be joyous now.


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