It’s Been a crazy crazy week but finally the weekend is here, and I have a lot of things to do firstly the newest release from Machorie

When Machoire showed me this hat I Couldn’t believe the level of detail she put into it, the more I stared at it the more I saw,

The Hat Called Ore, comes in 6 colour variations all with a customization hud to change the gems and metals

I’m wearing marina an explosion of colours seen from the ocean blues purples browns and greens, the hat starts with  a tiered head-piece then followed by  detailed plumage of twisted shaped art including gold cut out leaves pearls and gems attached to a beautifully  coloured fan, and intricate shapes and a spun metal accent piece which then brings the flowing ribbons and bows that encircle  the head and face also incorporated in the hat is a  half mask with gold accents imitating eyelashes  which brings all the elements of the hat together.

Each hat is unique in its design and comes in different colours according to your taste or outfit, I cant wait to see what else Machorie comes up with she is already coming to us as one of the best avant-garde designers of this year, watch this space for more stunning creations

head over and take a look

LM for main store


Style Eternal


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