I’m always getting side tracked when i’m supposed to be preparing for a show,  but this distraction was a very welcome one.

since i first found the Machoire store i’ve been patiently waiting for this hair to come out, it always seamed like it was coming soon, but was never soon enough, then I popped into the store and not only did I find that this hair called Loth was finally out,  but also there was a brand new bracelet release, I was bouncing around the store happily, and couldn’t wait to get home to open the boxes,

Firstly I opened the hair box,  called Loth this hair styled with cubes all interlinked and perfectly placed and stacked the back of the hair has waves to balance out the look, and to give maximum wow factor so if you like big and bold, with plenty of character come check out this hair, it also comes in different colour pack blacks and browns blondes and reds, i’m wearing the red pack and the colours are changeable via a hud, the packs also include hair bases for each of the seven different tones in the packs

Also newly released are Gen bracelets, big a bold  beautifully crafted gold, which twists and curves around the wrist coming out into four stunning gold petals coming from the arm and one following the hand with is crafted with pearls and gems, all wonderfully crafted from the wrist bands, the bracelets also comes with a colour changer hud so you can change the metal textures and colours of the gems and pearls,

so get yourself over to Machoire main store and pick up theses wonderful items, dont forget to join the VIP group for your VIP gift this month, a stunning gold neckless, wanna see it then head over to the store

thanks for looking 


Machoire main store LM

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