Free Spirit


New From Lyrical Bizarre, called Spirit. a must for anyone who like to do things a little differently, available at the Full Perm Fair

This cute full perm outfit consists of puffy leg warmers skirt and arm warmers, with a acermetric cropped top, each piece is separate so you can use what you want for any outfit at any time and because its full perm you can retexture to suit your taste or for your business needs  also comes with separate alpha textures for easy modification

Let go of whatever is holding you back. This entails a lot more than thinking about all the ways that The Man is keeping you down. If a bad experience has left your faith in people broken, rebuild your strength until you’re able to get close to people again. If a strict upbringing has left you with little sense of who you are, work on stripping away these artificial layers to find what’s underneath. And of course, don’t forget to think about the ways that you hold yourself back. Maybe you have a tendency to play the victim and revel in your own misfortunes. Maybe you’re a hopeless romantic who keeps making the same relationship mistake over and over. Maybe you’re afraid of asking for help because everyone expects you to be strong all the time. Only when you’re brutally honest about the barriers in front of you can you find solutions for moving past them.

Free-spiritedness isn’t about promising one thing and doing another, getting whatever you want without paying your dues, showing up to every date a half hour late, or leaving a trail of broken hearts behind you. Remember that your freedom ends where everyone else’s begins.


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