Secret_008 Secret_002

I have a SECRET and im not going to share, im loving the wonderful designs from Machoire, the amount of work that goes into each piece would put any Goldsmith to shame, im just amazed how she manages to twist and sculpt each piece to fit an idea and then add jewels, SO im not telling anyone about them, Im keeping it my secret obsession

Im not going to show you the wonderful new release neckless called Livay with its twists and swirls and the way it cradles the neck and follows around the back and up to catch the back of the head in the finest gold, im also not going to tell you about the colour HUD that comes with the necklace, so you can change the colour of the gold with its six colour options, I’m also not going to say that the four jewels that have been set into the piece at the front are also colour changeable with the HUD with 10 colour options, this necklace is a must piece for any jewelry box But i’m not going to tell you that,

Also another new release is the earings called Ain again wonderfully made each earring hangs gently from the ear from the gold place that hooks over the ear and from the gold plate comes the fine gold posts masterfully sculpted and curved standing out from the side of the face like two beautiful golden chandeliers each with its own gem set in the centre nestled in golden rings and hanging from a golden thread, all held in place with a golden post that goes though the earlobe so no matter how you move it will never come off, the earrings again come with a HUD, to change the colour of the gold and the gems to suit all tastes and outfits

BUT then Im not telling you all this as this is my secret store and im not sharing but coz its you ill give you the LM so you can take a look at the other amazing designs in store.

so pop over and see for yourself

thanks for looking


LM FOR Machoire


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