Back to School



Back to SchoolAs we all know the holiday season is almost over and the thought of going back to school or work is in the front of our minds,

But how about making it fun instead of a chore with this  Suit from David Heather available at uber this month, the suit is called Laurent and comes in 5 colours from Nude to black, the suit has great detail and includes a shirt with the tie, the front of the jacket is scalloped just to add a little something different to it which is echoed in the cuffs  fastened together with four buttons, the black mini skirt brings all the colours of the suit together making it a must have piece for the new year,

I am also wearing hair from Little Bones called Sapphire also available at this months uber event, its sleek back behind the ear style on one side and on the other pinned with a hair pin keeping it cute and functional, added with shoes from [Co57] called Lasercut pumps, highly detailed shoes with a string tied lace that runs up the calf, and Karacter l Executive Glasses l to add to the intellectual look,

there are some great store at Uber this round so take some time to run over and take a look

thanks for looking 🙂

Style is Eternal

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