Are You Scared Yet

Are you Scared

I got to say I had fun styling this outfit, lots of mix and matching I just let myself go nuts with it Guaranteed to scare anyone out of there skin,

The outfit itself was made up from a various designers the main part was from Boudoir from a outfit called beautiful Death Couture i used the bone collar,bra, corset hair and skull accessories i also used boudoirs deadly chic catsuit, which gave the outfit a more skeleton look I also added a skirt from Tres Beau from the outfit called BOO it was a halloween addition the lightning affects are again from Boudoir for and outfit called Air  and boots from Gidgi Doll called No Bones About It, ive also put together  accessories including the skull cape and skelton choker and hand are from the GizzA – Deathly Silence topped off with skin from !TLB – Emily Skin – Smudged.

Well how am I doing for my second blog item its still a learning process but if you like what you have seen so far dont be shy and follow my blog i promise it wont hurt 🙂 . 

thanks  for looKing



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